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What shopping means to me

It’s the word that some women adore, and some women loathe.  It can stand for a relaxing afternoon of pleasure or a hectic day weaving through crowds and snatching the last great deals off the racks.  It can be a day out with friends, or an evening in front of the computer.


To me, shopping is a unique chance to liven up my wardrobe.  I love infusing my closet with new items, because it means new energy and vigor.  It really is one of the best confidence builders for me!  Plus, I rarely purchase pieces that I don’t both love and need.  When I have a serious crush on an item, I wear it to death.

I went shopping for the first time in quite a while on Christmas Eve.  It was a beautiful experience, just like the way it used to be when I was a kid.  My grandma and my mom took me out, and we went to a store called Annie Sez.  I love this store!  I got two nice pairs of pants, skinny jeans, three beautiful dresses, and a faux leather jacket – all for under $200!

Kyle and I also went out for a little shopping, got me the boots I’ve wanted, plus a skirt and cami.

Those, plus the other things I got for Christmas (sweaters, shirts and warm things – thank you Charlotte and Tim, Scott and Sandy, the kids; hot boots – thank you Wayne) put real vigor back into my wardrobe.

So, if you haven’t been shopping for a while, and your wardrobe is feeling tired, go!  It can take a while to find the right stuff, and when you do, it’s awesome!!  Just remember, if it doesn’t fit, there’s something wrong with the clothing or the design – not with you!

Happy Shopping!


PS.  Do you like shopping for clothes?   Let me know!  Leave a comment below and jump in to the conversation!

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