Acceptance is Power

Have you ever noticed that the most attractive, confident and magnetic people are the ones who accept and celebrate who they are and what they have? It’s not because what they have is any better than what you have. It’s because by accepting and utilizing their looks, their bodies, their age, their careers and their lives, they can represent themselves to their best advantage. They have created a confident and comfortable persona.

Envy is not a road that will get you where you want to go. If you choose this path, wishing you had the things that other people have, you can never focus properly on presenting yourself – the way you are right now – perfect. You will never feel comfortable in your own skin if you focus on wearing other people’s metaphorical hats or shoes.

So, love yourself for where you are right now. It’s all good to dress, speak and act as if you’ve already achieved your plans, because that’s who you will become. That is genuine. Know that it’s a good thing to be in the process of growing and changing, and that other people will love you for it.

Your job is what it is until you change it, as is your weight. Your age is what it is until you’re a year older, and you are who you are. Power comes from accepting these things as they are, changing them when you’re ready, and carrying out your life as if it were on purpose.

I’ve noticed that some women, when entering a male-dominated culture, tend to dress in a manly way in order to fit in and command respect and authority. This never works. You’re a woman. There are ways to look powerful and feminine at the same time.

Take this image of a suit, for example. It’s very feminine in its cut. There are no huge shoulder pads, it nips in at the waist, and the jacket is paired with a skirt instead of pants. It is fitted to a woman’s frame. You can use a suit like this to command real respect and power in the work place. When clothes fit you, that’s powerful. When clothes are modern, that’s powerful. When you accept and celebrate who you are, that’s powerful.

Know who you are and be proud! Rock on, superstars!


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