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Why gratitude

If you’re at all involved in the self improvement community (or if you have a Facebook account), chances are good that you’ve heard quite a bit about gratitude.

We’ve seen pictures of people serenely meditating, we’ve heard lists of things our friends are grateful for, and we’ve seen the word “gratitude” written in all kinds of beautiful, inspiring fonts.

But why is gratitude such a buzz word?

Gratitude is a very powerful tool. It’s a practical and simple way to access your subconscious and tell it what you’d like more of.

Gratitude is acknowledging and celebrating the beauty and positivity in your life. It’s about noticing the good things in any situation.

Be thankful for the beauty in your world and build your positivity.

Be thankful for the beauty in your world and build your positivity.

When you relish the gifts you’ve been given in a “good” situation, it becomes even sweeter. By celebrating these things, you ask your subconscious mind to keep looking for beauty and positivity.

When you take the positive and the lessons from a “bad” situation, you can make it a net positive by putting those lessons to work in your life and in the lives of the people around you.  Most importantly, gratitude can bring a hint of sunshine to the cloudiest of days.  Even when something tragic has occurred, you can find something – anything – to be grateful for, and you will know that things will improve once again.

When you express gratitude, you ask for more good stuff.

This works with people, of course.  When you tell your friends and family what you’re grateful for in you relationship right now, you acknowledge the things they do for you, make them feel good, and condition them to continue giving you those great things.

This works with the Universe as well.  When you acknowledge and call out the things you like, the Universe will provide you with more of that.  (This is the strategy that’s employed most in self-improvement circles and that’s the basis of all those Facebook posts.)

Finally, it works in your mind.  When you celebrate the good things in your life, you ask your mind to find more things like that.  You will find yourself focusing more and more on things you can be grateful for, rather than on complaints or criticisms.  It’s one of the most effective positivity and confidence exercises there is.

So what are you grateful for today?


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