Fun-up Your Business Casual Wardrobe

My fellow fashion blogger Kelly over at BlackDog Finds posted an invitation to explore the world of business casual style.

“If you have any tips or ideas for creating interesting/creative business casual outfits please comment and share them with me!”

I’d love to, Kelly!  First of all, you look great in black and white with a trench.  It’s a classic look – very chic!  I do imagine that you’ll get bored with just black pants and an “easy” top every day.  I’m sure you have the basics – pencil skirt, nice trousers, structured jackets, colored/patterned cardigans.  What you seem to want is a way to give these nice basic pieces some flare and pizazz.

A pop of blue with neutrals

1. Add color!

I’ve found that adding a pop of color – whether it be a bag, jewelry, shoes, or a camisole under everything else – makes a huge difference in livening up your look.  Create an unexpected look by putting several colors together that go, not match.  For example, I love to wear my green and gold pumps with a plum top.  It’s a bit out of the ordinary, and totally fun.  Also, I adore adding a scarf to my bag.  It helps take something that’s questionable as far as appropriateness for the season, and brings it into the light.

2. Mix patterns

I love to wear a pinstripe or another subtle pattern with a bold pattern.  I love wearing my bold tweed-ish black and white pencil skirt with a pinstriped jacket.  Awesome.  Or, my pinstriped trousers with a geometric print top.  Also, my leopard print shoes and giraffe print bag make frequent appearances in my business wardrobe (though not simultaneously!).

3. Surprise them
I love to mix a totally casual item with a more formal outfit.  Like – heels, skirt, blazer… and drapey t-shirt.  It also keeps things not-so-harsh.  When I’m wearing lots of structured pieces, throwing in a floaty fabric or a totally casual print is super fun!

I hope you enjoyed these tips!  What’s most important – have fun with your style.  Rock it out, superstars!


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What do you love to do to spice up your outfits?

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