CarolAnn to partner with Whimsy Jewelry’s Style on a Whim blog

CharismaU founder, CarolAnn Edie, has a new partner!  CarolAnn will be blogging for Whimsy Jewelry’s Style on a Whim blog.

I decided to partner with Whimsy largely because of their motto: Make the world more beautiful.  I’m interested in making the world more beautiful, one woman at a time – inside and out.  My belief is that paying attention to the way you present yourself to the world helps you recognize the value you were born with and have developed over your life.  Whimsy is a fun and functional way to add some polish to your presentation.

Whimsy is high-quality, super-versatile interchangeable bead jewelry

Too many beads for your bracelet? Have a special bead you’d like to showcase? Want to use your beads in a different and fabulous way? Check out Whimsy!

Whimsy jewelry is beautiful and high-quality, and the best thing about it is it’s insanely customizable.  It works with any standard-size beads you have, so you can change your jewelry every day if you want.  For example, you could add a pop of color to your work outfit during the day, then change your beads for a sophisticated sparkle at night.  The ability to change up your look so much means Whimsy can be your go-to jewelry.

Check out my first blog over at Style on a Whim, Why I love Whimsy jewelry.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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