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How not to network

Don’t be an un-networker

Have you ever seen an un-networker?  The person who seems to be totally focused on them and no one else?  Hopefully you haven’t been that person.

I recently saw an example of someone networking exactly wrong.  I was shocked.  I honestly didn’t think anyone really acted like that.  They butted into a conversation, asked questions totally unrelated to what we were talking about, and started throwing business cards around at everyone.  It took me less than 3 seconds to decide that I would never do business with someone like that, even though I was the ideal customer.  Hopefully we can all learn from this person, implement the confidence techniques we already have, and network a little bit better.

The un-networker:

  • is preoccupied with themselves
  • runs around to different groups of people asking questions related only to their business
  • hands out business cards like there’s no tomorrow
  • interrupts conversations by pushing their own message
  • has no interest in the other people there – only their money

The un-networker doesn’t recognize networking as a way to connect with other people and create relationships.  They see it merely as an opportunity to gain business and dollars.  Selfishness is the number one sin of the un-networker.  In order to get great results from networking, it’s essential to realize that it’s all about creating relationships and rapport.

The quality networker:

  • engages in meaningful and helpful conversation with others
  • exchanges contact information with others – and follows up!
  • uses confidence techniques to open up and connect with others
  • is interested in what other people do, think, want and need
  • connects people who could help each other
  • respects the conversations and connections of others
  • is open, genuine and frendly

When you’re at an event, be a quality networker, not the un-networker.  Remember, you have the power!


Love, CarolAnn

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