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Get the hourglass look with clothes

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Create your ideal shape with clothing

What’s your ideal shape?  The ideal feminine shape for most people is the hourglass.  They key to this shape is a small waist.  Many of us don’t yet have exactly our ideal shape, and that’s okay.  You are perfect as you are in the process of getting healthy.  Here’s the secret: you can have this shape visually before you have it physically.


Shape your body and get instant confidence with clothing.


How do you do it? Create it with clothing.  The general idea is to have clothing that fits your body and skims your shape, and has a little volume to it.  So, wear a wide leg trouser or jean to create a straight line from your hip to the floor, an A-line skirt that skims your hips and then sits away from your legs, or a nice flow-y blouse.  The key is to also accent your waist, or the smallest part of your torso.

For some women, this is the natural waist.  If your natural waist (about an inch above your belly button) is the smallest part of your torso, go for wrap-style dresses and tops, belted jackets and overcoats, and anything with an accent, belt, or tie there at your waist.

For other women, the smallest part of the torso is the ribcage, right under the bust.  The empire waist style is for you.  Look for dresses and tops with a belt or band right below the chest.  Make sure your chest fits into the top of it, and then the band hits your smallest part.  Go for a wider band to keep this area looking small.  A small band can create a maternity look.

Keep these tips in mind, and always dress your body now.  Loving the you in the mirror will help you take even better care of yourself.  Remember, you’re worth it!

Love, CarolAnn

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