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People think I’m happy, but I’m secretly unhappy

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it…

Question: Everyone thinks I’m so happy, when I’m really not.  Why does this happen to me?

Let me start with a question.  What’s wrong with people thinking you’re a happy person?  I agree with you that even when you have challenges in your life, you can be optimistic and smile.  It seems like you’re frustrated that people make assumptions about how easy your life is, and you don’t feel like those assumptions fit the truth.

Self help confidence teaches us:

when you argue for your problems, they’re yours.

You’ve already told your close friends the things you have going on, so what other people think really doesn’t matter.  The people who are closest to you understand you.  Share your challenges with your friends.  Ask for help and advice and support.  It’s totally natural.  You can lean on your friends like this because they care about you. That’s one of the most important basics in self help confidence.

Open up to your friends, and forget everyone else.  Just smile at them and remember what (and who) is really important!  Remember, you’re worth it!

Love, CarolAnn

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