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Become more confident by making changes in the way you speak.

I am…

(Via Debra Thain‘s FB)

“I am”, are the two most powerful words in our vocabulary. What ever words you place after those two words create your reality. So…. “I am a beautiful child of God.” “I am powerful, and strong.” “I am a creative, intelligent, loving gift to the universe.”, ” I am happy, joyous and free.” , “I am love, I am filled with peace and serenity.” ” i am prosperous and abundant.” Share some of your “I am’s.”

I am powerful, I am worthy, I am a force for good. What are you?

The Formula for the Perfect Compliment

A perfect compliment is personal, sincere, “accidental,” simple and big. To enhance your executive charisma and compliment someone in this same powerful way, build as many of these five attributes as you can into your comment.Continue Reading

What to say at a job or client interview

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… A job or client interview is one of the most important types of moment in your career. When you’re meeting with someone and you want them to hire you or your company, it’s essential to speak in a positive and enthusiastic way.  After all,Continue Reading

Going up? How to exude confidence in the first 30 seconds

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… When you’re at a marketing event, networking mixer or just out in the world, you will get the chance to tell someone else about your business.  So what do you do? Do you shyly ramble about the things you do, and how you cameContinue Reading

Video: The Power of Words

This video gets at something extremely important – emotion. In sales, marketing, relationship building or creating confidence, tapping in to emotion is the essential part.Continue Reading

Ask a different question

If you’re always asking “why,” the answer you get doesn’t change the situation. So what can you do to get a more useful answer, one that will help you discover how to change the situation itself and create instant confidence? Simply ask “what” or “how” instead of “why.”Continue Reading

Confident First Impression

Confidence is the key to awesome communication.  Following are the best, most impactful tips from the In Through The Outfield blog – originally from career success coach Kathleen Sullivan, with some extras from me! You have a maximum of seven seconds to make an initial impression.  Here are the top seven tips on how toContinue Reading

Language and Thought

As a classically-trained theoretical linguist and cognitive scientist, I can guarantee you that there has been a lot of research into the link between language and thought.  The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (that thought is so closely related to language that constructs of the mind are formed by constructs of language) is integral to most scientific researchContinue Reading

“I am upset” vs. “I am having an upset”

Is there really a difference? I first became aware of this particular distinction in wording from the blog of a top expert in removing limiting beliefs. This guru is a fellow professional in the field of reprogramming your mind (and changing your words) to get closer to your dreams and plans. So I took hisContinue Reading

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