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Become more confident by making changes in the way you dress.

CarolAnn to partner with Whimsy Jewelry’s Style on a Whim blog

CharismaU founder, CarolAnn Edie, has a new partner!  CarolAnn will be blogging for Whimsy Jewelry’s Style on a Whim blog.

I decided to partner with Whimsy largely because of their motto: Make the world more beautiful.  I’m interested in making the world more beautiful, one woman at a time – inside and out.  My belief is that paying attention to the way you present yourself to the world helps you recognize the value you were born with and have developed over your life.  Whimsy is a fun and functional way to add some polish to your presentation.

Whimsy is high-quality, super-versatile interchangeable bead jewelry

Too many beads for your bracelet? Have a special bead you’d like to showcase? Want to use your beads in a different and fabulous way? Check out Whimsy!

Whimsy jewelry is beautiful and high-quality, and the best thing about it is it’s insanely customizable.  It works with any standard-size beads you have, so you can change your jewelry every day if you want.  For example, you could add a pop of color to your work outfit during the day, then change your beads for a sophisticated sparkle at night.  The ability to change up your look so much means Whimsy can be your go-to jewelry.

Check out my first blog over at Style on a Whim, Why I love Whimsy jewelry.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Keep your hair straighter longer

Question: How can I keep my naturally curly hair straight all day? Keeping naturally curly hair straight comes down simply to products. My hair is naturally curly and it takes me quite a long time to straighten it, so when I do, I want it to stay that way. For straight hair and super confidence,Continue Reading

Come on, get classy!

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question:  I’m ready to change my look.  How do I give a classier impression with my hair, make-up, clothing and speech without seeming common or boring? The first and most important part of being classy (and creating confidence and a great personal style) isContinue Reading

Does the internet know my bra size?

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question:  How accurate is calculating my bra size on the internet? The best way to find out what size you are is to try on bras.  Measuring at home like this can give you an idea, and the best way to figure this outContinue Reading

Consumption or Companionship?

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… What kind of wildebeest are you? What kind of relationship are you looking for?  Are you looking to be consumed, like an injured wildebeest on the savannah?  Or are you looking for a companion to walk together with you through life? Almost everyone wantsContinue Reading

Fluffy hair fix

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question: My hair is wavy and fluffy and I just want it to be smooth.  What can I do to fix it? Embrace the wave and work with your hair.  Get products that are specifically formulated to tame wavy or curly hair, and evenContinue Reading

Get the hourglass look with clothes

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Create your ideal shape with clothing What’s your ideal shape?  The ideal feminine shape for most people is the hourglass.  They key to this shape is a small waist.  Many of us don’t yet have exactly our ideal shape, and that’s okay.  You areContinue Reading

Is it a “woman thing?”

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question: Is making an effort with your appearance strictly a “woman thing?” Absolutely not.  It’s an “I know I’m worth it” thing.  It tells other people that your respect yourself enough to treat yourself well, and you respect others enough to be appropriate andContinue Reading

Trends: expensive and messy or fun and inspiring?

My friend Katy over at ModlyChic runs a feature on the 4th Friday of each month called Friend Friday, where fashion bloggers comment on various topics.  Check out this week’s topic: Trends. Fashion week is coming… that means new trends and looks in the stores. To some, this can be an exciting opportunity to spruce up their wardrobe.Continue Reading

What to wear teaching

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question: What should I wear to my teaching jobs? Just dress professionally. Go for trousers and knee-length skirts, cardigans, blouses, button-down shirts and jackets. Wear real shoes that cover your toes. Go for pumps and flats, mostly (rather than sandals). Your jewelry can beContinue Reading

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