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People think I’m happy, but I’m secretly unhappy

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question: Everyone thinks I’m so happy, when I’m really not.  Why does this happen to me? Let me start with a question.  What’s wrong with people thinking you’re a happy person?  I agree with you that even when you have challenges in your life,Continue Reading

How to not take it personally

Do you ever jump to conclusions? We all do it. The thing that can make a difference in your life and creating confidence is what you assume.Continue Reading

Is it hard to smile?

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question: I know that smiling would help me build relationships with people, but I just feel uncomfortable smiling at work or in other somewhat formal situations.  What can I do? Smile!  You know it. It’s the number one thing you can do   toContinue Reading

Asking for help

When you could use a hand, do you ask for it? Are you afraid to be a burden on your friends and family? I get it.  I was the same way.  I didn’t want to ask for the smallest favor, let alone ask for something that I really needed help with.  Thankfully, I had someoneContinue Reading

Flirting with Confidence

Whether you want to make a new connection or reconnect with your spouse, flirting is the way to do it. Flirting is all about showing the other person you’re interested in an acceptable way, and learning to do it is a big effect of good charisma coaching.Continue Reading

Did you feel it?

Did you feel that quake?? I did.  After going outside, seeing all my neighbors pop out of their houses and question what happened, I immediately thought of family.  Was everyone okay? And that really reminded me… one of the best things that confidence classes can do for you is to help you improve your relationships. Confidence classes help youContinue Reading

Happy Birthday Kyle!

It’s my wonderful beau Kyle’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Kyle!! His parents came down to visit last night and we all went out to dinner. It was a nice night, and we celebrated with dessert at home. Today, Kyle and I will relax and I’ll treat him like royalty! I wanted to share with youContinue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

On this day that seems to be full of dinner reservations, gifts, jewelry, chocolate and flowers, let’s remember what it’s really about: love. It’s about creating confidence in your relationship.Continue Reading

A few of my favorite things…

Voicing your appreciation for the people you really care about is the most important thing you can do to improve your relationships during the holidays and throughout the year. Here’s how to do it!Continue Reading

What I’m Wearing: Jazzy Event in Philly

The Occasion: Real Estate Open House -type thing at a new condo building in Philadelphia.  Jazz, Hours devours, networking, overall a fun excuse to get out of the house and to a party! I love to take advantage of the stuff that goes on in the local area.  It really is easy to find thingsContinue Reading

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