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I love my friends, I love my family, I love my life, I love my country, I love you. Love, CarolAnn

It’s my birthday!

Hey everyone, today is my birthday!  I’ve had a great day already, and I’m about to have a wonderful romantic dinner with my wonderful romantic beaux, Kyle. The only thing that could make today even better?  A present from you!  Here’s what I would love to get for my birthday: some feedback!  Please fill outContinue Reading

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day! Today is a day to celebrate country, family, pride, and freedom.  Remember that opportunity is what makes this country great, so take the opportunities set forth for you.  Prepare yourself, so that you’re ready to say “yes.”  Remember that people work hard to protect our country, and to have the chance toContinue Reading

Let’s Celebrate… With a contest!!

CharismaU is having its very first scholarship contest! Have a chance to win two full Charisma100 self help confidence reports simply by letting us know what you think! Good luck!Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day 2011

Happy Father’s Day! I had a great day, with tons of family!! I hope your day was wonderful, too! Love, CarolAnn

Happy Mother’s Day 2011

Moms – Thank you!! I hope this Mother’s Day has been a wonderful one for you! Family is very important to me, and if you’re a mother, thank you! Moms do so much for their families every day, and it’s so great we have a special day specifically to show our moms our love. YouContinue Reading

Video: The Power of Words

This video gets at something extremely important – emotion. In sales, marketing, relationship building or creating confidence, tapping in to emotion is the essential part.Continue Reading

Easter 2011

Happy Easter! I’m at my grandparents’ house this weekend to celebrate the holiday, and I’m loving the family time!  The Easter Bunny has already brought me a wonderful family, an amazing man, and the best, most powerful and awesome women in the world as members of the CharismaU community.  Thank you for reading – fromContinue Reading

Happy Birthday Kyle!

It’s my wonderful beau Kyle’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Kyle!! His parents came down to visit last night and we all went out to dinner. It was a nice night, and we celebrated with dessert at home. Today, Kyle and I will relax and I’ll treat him like royalty! I wanted to share with youContinue Reading

Happy New Year 2011

The new year has arrived! As you make your plans, remember that everything you want and need is out there. To get it, be ready for it, and keep your mind open!Continue Reading

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