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At CharismaU, our mission is to bring you the best information on a variety of subjects, not the least of which is business.  When we run across excellent information that can help you expand your world in leaps and bounds, we share it with you!  Below is the beginnings of the best business resources we’ve found.  And because you’re on CharismaU, you get access to this top-notch information absolutely free.  So peruse, enjoy, and grow!

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Become a Real Estate Investment Rainmaker

It’s Time for Your Journey of Discovery! 

Rainmakers are people who create more business than they can handle…what a great problem! And you can do it too! Imagine having that you have a pipeline full of leads and a waiting list of prospects who are eagerly waiting for you to have an opening so they can work with you too. Join our expert faculty and learn how to become a top producer and get the results you really want!

The real estate investing event to grow your business. Learn how to take advantage of today’s historically low real estate prices!

Click the image above to get more details about this groundbreaking real estate investing retreat.  Always energetic and informative, the host of this event will help you go from real estate investment novice to expert in no time, while helping you navigate today’s unique real estate market.

Finally, the business building event you’ve been waiting for! Augie Byllott has taught thousands of people how to creatively buy, sell and manage real estate safely and profitably. The market is changing and those who cannot change with it will perish while those who adapt will thrive!

Seating is limited, reserve your spot today for this 2-day event!






Learn How to Get People to Buy Your Products and Services Using the 7 New Rules of Selling in 2010 by Marlon Sanders.  This is the one resource that can change your bottom line for the better in 2010, from marketing and business expert Marlon Sanders.

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