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It’s a challenge at times to find an outfit that is flattering, feminine, professional, and appropriate for the occasion.

My good friend Andréa, as a marketing and advertising professional, knows that image is crucial, and she knows how to build that professional, feminine image.  That’s why she’s an Everyday Hero here on CharismaU.

These three outfits (one described, two pictured) are from three consecutive days – a Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday morning. There are several elements in common in these three outfits.

First of all, every item of clothing fits.  Andréa is a petite woman, and she puts the effort in to find the right fit.

Second, each outfit has an item that says WOW.

Third, Andréa allows her face to be the focus of the outfit by choosing attention-grabbing accessories around her neck.

Wednesday night (not pictured) Andréa wore jeans, a black top and a black blazer to a tweet-up at a restaurant/bar.  She looked professional and cool in her simple color scheme.  She really stood out.  Her jeans fit perfectly, and were a dark, solid wash.  This helps to match appropriateness with the black blazer, which nipped in at the waist to show Andréa’s curves.  Black shoes finished the look with an uncomplicated sophistication.

Thursday night, Andréa came to the Ignite Wilmington networking event in brown trousers, a white button-down and a leopard jacket.  The jacket, as the focal piece of the outfit is lovely.  It is structured, providing a good strong shoulder and great lines around the waist, has a low stance, which is great on Andréa’s petite frame, and the tie detail helps accentuate her small waist.  The trousers in straight-leg and the shoes in a brown subtle pattern and pointy toes elongate her legs.  The white shirt, open to a v-neck elongate her neck.  Awesome look!

Friday morning is a more casual look.  Andréa attended the morning networking and educational meeting in close-fitting dark wash boot-cut jeans, a white lace-trim cami and coral cardigan.  She accents the look with leopard peep-toe flats and a multi-stone necklace.  This look is beautiful because Andréa really knows how to pay attention to fit and proportion.  Additionally, she doesn’t shy away from color – and this one looks fabulous on her – or pattern.  The shoes really help to pop the look, and add interest to the outfit.

Create looks like Andréa’s by choosing items that fit and flatter your body.  Choose a focal point in your outfit, and allow other things to be background.

Tip: Add interest to an outfit by adding an additional color, pattern, or texture.


For more information about Andréa, please check out her linked in profile, or find her on twitter here.

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