Hey Superstars!

What one word best describes your style?  Here’s something to think about if that word is “comfortable“.

Many people put an extremely high premium on being comfortable in their clothing, sometimes to the extent that their favorite item is those nasty old sweats, hoodie, or t-shirt.  When they describe their fashion sense, they say things like “I just want to be comfortable.”

Ironically, these are usually the people who have the most mental discomfort.  They struggle with anxiety, fear, and often times have simply given up on looking great.  These people are not comfortable in their own skin.  Because they are not comfortable on the inside they hide behind their comfortable clothing on the outside.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Natural fabrics are more comfortable than man-made fabrics.
2. Gain confidence and comfort in your look by dressing for the occasion – not a sleepover or a track meet.

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