Confident First Impression

Confidence is the key to awesome communication.  Following are the best, most impactful tips from the In Through The Outfield blog – originally from career success coach Kathleen Sullivan, with some extras from me!

UK trainer Kathleen Sullivan

You have a maximum of seven seconds to make an initial impression.  Here are the top seven tips on how to give a great first impression every time…

Shake hands – do so with both hands.  Increased touching will increase rapport.  Shake with some pressure, not too much.  Make eye contact while you shake.
Look great
– make sure your stand out from the crowd – for the right reasons!  Think about what you want others to see when they look at you.
contact - hold someone’e eye just a little longer than is natural.  This will be absolutely captivating and will attract others to you.
Stand up straight
– this will make you look AND feel more confident.  Plant your feet shoulder width apart and stay put.
- or, be ready to smile.  Let your mouth relax with your lips slightly parted.  That way, a big smile can spring to your face with ease.
Pay attention
– keep your mind focused on the person with whom you’re speaking.  Use their language – the exact words – and repeat it back to them.  Also, mirror their body positioning.  These both will increase rapport.
Leave the room with your face
– turn to say a final goodbye so that people see your face last.  People remember the first and last thing, so make them both count.

    The most important things to remember are to be confident in yourself and to be genuine with others.  When people see your true passion for what you do, they will trust and love you even more!


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