Cupcake Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are everywhere, and they are the backbone of the American economy.  I have a passion for listening to the stories of people who have made a change in their career, and I find inspiration from entrepreneurs and small business people every day!

Today, I heard a news story on Fox about cupcakes for Mother’s Day, and the business owners’ stories stole the show.

Cupcakes! Yum!

Tawny (Desserts by Tawny Ong – had a career in finance.  Then, she walked in a bakery, and says “it just felt right.”  She up and quit her job, started working pouring coffee in a bakery, and continued to pursue her passion from there.  It takes so much courage to leave the safety of your regular employment to pursue your dreams, and it certainly seems to have turned out well for her.

Melissa (Baked By Melissa – got fired from her job, and made the decision to transform her cupcake baking hobby into a business.

Lev (Cupcake Stop – graduated with honors from law school, didn’t like the job prospects, and decided to go another way.  He started a mobile cupcake business in New York.  On the website, you can track where the truck is on any given day.  What I admire about what he did is that he spent lots of time, money and effort just to get in to law school, let alone to graduate.  And, when most people would feel locked in to a specific path, he made the decision to do something different.  He recognized that working in a dead-end, inappropriate, or boring job would be way more of a waste than going to law school and not practicing law.  Inspiring!

I love entrepreneurs!  I love when people have the courage and enthusiasm to go out on their own and find massive success.  Awesome!


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