Do Good and Love Yourself

One of the challenges I’ve found when speaking with entrepreneurs and small business people, especially those in the personal development space, is that there’s a certain feeling that in order to help people, be successful, and feel great about it, you must sacrifice your time and finances.

Here’s the thing: If you make these sacrifices, what does that say to your customers?  If you are under-pricing your product, or under-valuing what you do, this only shows your customer that they don’t deserve to be successful either.

It’s exactly what should happen that when you help people, add value to their lives, and develop your business, you make money and create the financial situation that you deserve.  And, when you’re living the life you deserve and you’re giving back to yourself, your success will only grow.

So just keep in mind that it’s important to nurture yourself as you nurture your business and your customers.  Give some love to yourself as well as to the other people in your life.

Stay fabulous, superstars!


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