Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

Here’s a tip from eslteachersboard about the inspiration all around us:

“To find inspiration in your daily life, you must first take a step back. Grab a pen and pad. Write out what you do everyday of the week. Do you see a definitive pattern? If so, you have fallen into the trap. You are walking through life without really paying attention to what is going on around you. You must fight back!

The way to find inspiration in daily life is to look around you. Really focus. If you eat lunch in your office, go outside. Look at the people around you. What do you notice about them? When you get home from work, go out for a walk. Walk with your head up and think about something other than work! Look around you. Most people live in a location for years, but have no clue about their neighborhood. Walk into stores. Look at the architecture. Watch people interact. Talk to them.

The more you take an active role in what is going on around you, the more inspiration you will find in life. It may be meeting the single mother who works two jobs. It may be meeting the immigrant who came to the country with no money and opened a little store around the corner and is putting his or her kids through college. When you look, you will find it.

“Inspiration is all around us. If you take an active role in your life, you will find it.”

-Bruno Baceli

The fact is, I’m sure you know that you want to be more inspired and excited about life. So, do it! Just make it a habit to take a moment to think about what you’re grateful for and what you think is really awesome. Look out the window and notice the sun. Notice the good qualities in the people you see every day. Marvel at the simplicity or complexity in everything around you. Be full of joy and the world will reward you!

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