Friend Friday

Friend Friday is a weekly feature run by Katy over at ModlyChic to help bloggers network and get to know each other. I think it’s a totally awesome idea!

Every week, she supplies 5 (or so) questions for other bloggers to respond to. This week, it’s all about what colors best compliment one’s skin tone.  Check ‘em!

1. Which color do you find the most flattering to wear? Why?

The colors I like best on me are rust, pine, plum, and chocolate.  I’ve got medium yellow-toned skin, so really a lot of colors look good on me.  The aforementioned colors look great on anyone with darkish warm skin.

2. What color do you never wear? Why?

I avoid things like lime green and jewel tones.  While they’re really pleasing to my eye, they’re just not right on my skin.  Light yellow-tan is the worst.  Washes me right out!

3. Do you think there are universal colors that can look good on everyone?

Almost everyone looks great in coral.  It’s not too pink, nor too yellow, it’s saturated, and there’s no danger of being too close to anyone’s skin tone.  Also, the softer neutrals like chocolate brown, heather grey, navy blue, and charcoal are great alternatives to black.  Black can be too harsh on a lot of people, and often times they’re not sure how to soften the look.  Go for a softer neutral or a pseudo-neutral like burgundy or pine green.

4. What are your tips to wearing a color that is not the best for your skin tone, but you just simply love?

Simple.  Wear it with a color that is great for you, and that really brings out your skin tone.  Make sure to wear that really flattering color up near your face.  For example, I put my coral jacket over just about any color that would wash me out and it looks awesome!

5. In regards to makeup… what colors do you avoid, what to you always reach for?

I avoid eye shadows with a large blue element to them.  My skin tone is warm, so I keep to warmer tones.  I’ve thrown out my cool-toned silvery shadows and now opt for golds.  I avoid purple-hued lipsticks for peaches or slight orange tints.  I’m still figuring lipstick out.  In the future, I’ll be buying things along the lines of terra cotta, rust, bronze… earthy colors.

Are you interested in finding out more about your coloration, and what colors of clothing and make-up would look great on you?  Comment Below with your first name, e-mail address, and the one thing you’d love to learn about fashion, and I’ll send you the exclusive CharismaU Color Your World report.  Inside is a wealth of information about how to find out what your coloration is – what season you are – and how to match colors in the store to your skin.

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2 Responses to Friend Friday

  1. TJWisdom says:

    Have you ever tried a jewel tone in an accessory, such as a purse, belt, headband, jewelry, etc.?

  2. CarolAnn says:

    Yes, a lot of my jewelry is jewel toned. I love the colors, they just don’t look great on my skin. Good suggestion, definitely. It’s a good idea to wear the colors you love – in smaller doses. :) Thank you for commenting!

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