Friend Friday

Friend Friday is a weekly feature run by Katy over at ModlyChic to help bloggers network and get to know each other. I think it’s a totally awesome idea!

Every week, she supplies 5 questions for other bloggers to respond to. This week, it’s all about nails – those little bits of keratin at the ends of our digits, how we treat them, and what we think about them.  Enjoy!

1. Do you keep nail polish on your fingers and toes year round?
Absolutely not.  I hardly ever put anything on my nails.  My toenails are more often painted than my fingers, mostly because they’re not as noticeable and they don’t chip as quickly.

2. What are your go-to colors for the fingers and toes?
Clear for my fingernails, and I’ve been experimenting with my toes.  It’s mostly been light colors – tan, light purple… mostly because it’s less noticeable if they chip. (Are we seeing a pattern here?)

3. Any tips for strengthening your nails?
I used to have a bad habit of biting or sucking on my nails.  The acidic saliva really softened my nails, so they’re really flexible.  Makes it rough to keep nail polish on.  Nail bends, nail polish just cracks.  So, I’ve stopped doing that, I file my nails now, which is something I never used to do, and I occasionally buff my fingernails.  That makes them look shiny and healthy, and still naked.

4. Do you have any nail ‘rules’ you abide by? (things like toe and finger colors must match, should never be the same, trim them all if one breaks, I dunno…)
Yes!  I don’t believe in long toenails.  It just looks unkempt to me.  Yuck.  Maybe it’s because my toenails just don’t work that way – they grow down not out – and it just freaks me out.  Other than that, pretty much anything goes except for crazily chipped polish.

5. How often, if ever, do you get a manicure and/or pedicure?
Never!  I’ve had one manicure in my life, and I was pressured into it.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t get manicures, it’s just really really low on the priority list.  As for pedicures, I still hold the hope that we’re going to start competing in ballroom again, so I want to keep my calluses.  Without them, dancing hurts!

Well that’s all for this week’s Friend Friday.  Tell me: How do you take care of your nails?  Do you like them long?  What is your opinion on acrylics?


3 Responses to Friend Friday

  1. Kelly says:

    haha that’s interesting, when I did ballroom/swing dancing I would go with a fellow dancing friend for pedicures after long weekends of training or lessons or competitions or whatever. Without them my feet were totally torn up from the dancing and that seemed to hurt more. Maybe we had it wrong all along!

  2. CarolAnn says:

    Kelly – Who knows – maybe you’re right! I’m not willing to take the risk to find out!

    Thank you both for stopping by and for leaving comments. Much Love to you two!

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