Friend Friday: Confidence Edition!

Friend Friday is a weekly feature run by Katy over at ModlyChic to help bloggers network and get to know each other. I think it’s a totally awesome idea!

Every week, she supplies 5 questions for other bloggers to respond to. This week, it’s all about what the relationship between confidence and personal style, a topic suggested by yours truly!  I’m so glad Katy picked up this topic, because it really is so near and dear to my heart.  Enjoy!

1. When you wear an outfit that you love how does that change your mental state?

Immensely.  When I know I look good, I feel really awesome, really confident, and really cohesive.  I am a successful, fashionable woman, so it helps to look like it on the outside :-p.

2. Do you find that the way you dress can help you be more confident in certain situations?

Definitely.  Especially when I’m going to a business function, it’s so important for me, as an image professional, to look fashionable, professional, and just… good.  When I have an outfit that should work, and just doesn’t, I don’t feel quite so bold.  The thing is, no one is as critical of my style than I am.  I know how awesome I can look, so when I just don’t have the resources to look like that on a given day, it’s a bit of a disappointment.  I compensate in other ways, by being even more charismatic and friendly than usual.

Typical high school outfit. Jeans and black. Zippers. HORRID eyebrows.

3. Looking back, have you become more confident in rocking your personal style?

Actually, I might say no.  I’ve always liked what I was wearing, since I started shopping for and dressing myself.  In the past, I didn’t care so much about what most people thought.  In middle school, things got a little awkward.  In high school, I loved my body, I liked my style because it didn’t have to do any work – it could have been 100% spandex – come to think of it, it may have been close to that – because my body did all the work.  I wanted to fit in with my group of friends, which wasn’t hard.  The rest of the school called us “The Leather Lesbians”, so once I had my leather jacket and rocked black, red, and denim almost exclusively, I was pretty much set.

Oh, and just in case you thought we were actually cool – no.  We called ourselves “The Fellowship”.  Yes.  Lord of the Rings.  Dorks.

Sophmore year in college - a color, heels, still vacuum-sealed.

And another side note – “Lesbians” came mostly from how close we were – hugging and smelling each other’s lip gloss in the hallway, etc.

In the beginning of college, I wore my (ex)boyfriend’s wisdom teeth around my neck.  I liked my style and didn’t care what anyone else thought.  Then, I found out that I’m a girl, and could wear girly things if I wanted.  I wanted.  There was an influx of cheap girly spandex.  Then came the realization that I’m going out in to the real world, and that good is good – that is, quality pieces are better than cheap stuff.  And here I am now.

These days, much more of my wardrobe is focused around making the right impression on others.  I want to look great for me, and I want to make sure others see me as I’d like to be seen.  I think clothing is so powerful, it deserves a lot of attention.  You tell people how to treat you with the way you dress.  I tell pe0ple I deserve respect, and that I’m a fun and approachable person.  That’s the way I like things.

4. How do comments, in person or on your blog, impact your feelings about a look, clothing choice, etc…

Usually, they help me to feel better.  If I’m feeling questionable about an outfit when I’m out, I’ll often get a comment like “God, I just really love your style.”  That makes me feel great.

People are pretty nice, so I don’t often – ever?? – get negative feedback.  If I were to, I probably would have already identified the challenge.  I know it’s a challenge with the clothing, not with me, so it doesn’t have much impact on me, unless I really loved the item and didn’t see anything wrong with it.  We’ll see about that – it hasn’t happened – yet!

5. To more confident, every woman should….

Know herself. She should know the one thing that will help her to feel beautiful, regardless of anything else.  For me, it’s my eyebrows.  If they’re done and nice, I think I look great.  If they’re caterpillars, I can almost look great – despite them.  Find the one thing that make the most difference to you, and honor it! That’s the key to getting ready super-quickly, to choosing the right items for you, and to gaining control over your self-esteem on a daily basis.

If you made it through this whole post, congratulations!!

Tell me: What’s your one thing?  What’s your favorite feature, or the one thing you can do to guarantee you’ll feel great about your appearance?


6 Responses to Friend Friday: Confidence Edition!

  1. Like you, I’m definitely more confident when I have a great suit on at work, or an outfit that I think represents me fashionably AND appropriately in the office. It’s definitely part of my mojo on any given day. I’ve always loved that saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It has served me well.

    We’re all our own worst enemies, so I say, when all else fails, if you’re unsure about your “look,” find a local lady whose style you adore. Pay attention to how she puts it all together, then work your wardrobe the same way. I still do that, even though I think I am the go-to girl for others. I’m always inspired by the creativity of others.

  2. I love my legs… if I am going out to a club and I wear a dress or skirt that shoes off my legs I instantly feel confident and sexy

    check out my Friend Friday answers

  3. CarolAnn says:


    Thanks for stopping by! You do have sexy legs! I love that you love to show them off.


  4. CarolAnn says:


    That’s some great advice!! Thank you for sharing your opinions with us. Your insights are valuable things – especially because you’re such a knowledgeable and inspiring stylish woman!

    Thanks for your comments!


  5. JTWisdom says:

    Thank you for your comments Carol Ann on my blog.
    I agree that eyebrows shaped nice almost gives your whole face a lift because they shape your face.

    I really don’t have a favorite feature. I can say that if I feel that my clothes fit me like a tailored suit I feel good because having clothes that make me look larger or unflattering only creates anxiety for me and I can’t wait to take that piece off when I get home. Also I like my clothing to look smooth, no underwear lines or bra straps showing. I see a lot of women with underwear showing through their skirts or pants and it often makes me wonder what they were thinking or did they forget to check themselves when they left the house.

    My style mavens are my Mother and my Grandmother they are total chicness. Even though they are in heaven I draw so much on there style ideas and how they would put clothes together. Simply amazing.

  6. CarolAnn says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    I agree with you on the feeling when we see underwear showing through. It’s the opposite of one of the words that defines my style: class.

    It’s really awesome to hear that your mom and grandmother are so influential to your style, even today. I think that’s really beautiful.


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