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Question:  I’m ready to change my look.  How do I give a classier impression with my hair, make-up, clothing and speech without seeming common or boring?

The first and most important part of being classy (and creating confidence and a great personal style) is appropriateness. You don’t have to be extremely buttoned up or conservative, just covered. Make sure your skirts and shorts come to at most a few inches above the knee. As a rule, make sure your “soft flesh” (upper thighs, rear end, breasts) are covered. Also, if you’re wearing one thing that’s body-conscious, keep the other things in your outfit more voluminous or structured.

Remember that you can be classy and fun at the same time. It’s all about wearing appropriate clothing in fun colors, textures or patterns, and wearing accessories that add interest to your outfit.

Being classy is all about creating confidence and style.

As for hair and makeup, remember that it should look fairly natural. Since you’d like to look more sophisticated, work with your natural coloring and hair texture. Take good care of your skin and hair. As for makeup, keep it demure. Save the high-drama, very dark or bright looks for evening.

As for speaking and moving around, you already know what to do. Just keep your head on your shoulders and be a lady. Remember, you have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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