Give them a break…

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Tell them what you really think.

Sometimes people (especially women) get caught up in secrecy and mystery. They act like people should be able to read their minds. And if he doesn’t already know what’s wrong, they’re not going to tell him.

Okay so you’re certainly not like that, and you’ve had your moments, right? Remember this – honesty is always the best policy when it comes to relationship maintenance. They can’t read your mind, so give
them a break and just tell them. Clarity goes a long way towards an agreement, and agreements are the basis of any successful relationship, personal or business.

Honesty and clarity create super confidence

and great relationships.

So next time, when someone asks you “what’s wrong,” just tell the truth. Skip the scripted “nothing,” and go on to what you really want. Be honest with yourself and the people around you, and you’ll see your relationships improve. Remember, you have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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