Happiness is a choice

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Question: I’ve been depressed for a while. I want to move on. What can I do?

These suggestions are good ones. Getting involved with friends, family, and activities can help build up your confidence and sense of purpose, and provide a support system to you for when you’re not feeling  your best. Remember that you’re not alone. Find people who have gone through similar things and are doing well now. Look online for a message board or forum for people who are in a similar place.

Outside of that, the first practical step for you to take is to choose to start living again and choose to be happy.

Charisma training 101: happiness is a choice.

Of course you can be sad at times, that’s natural. And the key to getting out of a depression is to notice things that are wonderful, beautiful, or make you smile. Actively seek out things that you like, or that you used to like. Listen to birds singing. Watch the sunrise. It may sound cheesy, and anything you can do to lift your spirits is a step closer to happiness.

Remember that you’re strong enough and you have enough help to get through this time and on to the next thing. You have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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