Happy Easter!

Hey Everyone,

What are your plans this holiday? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind!

Easter is all about rebirth, so wear some color, keep the fabrics light and floaty, and have fun!  Stay away from putting lots of pastel all together – you may end up looking like an Easter egg.

If you’re going to church or spending time with family, make sure your clothes are appropriate!  Make sure you’re covered, and that your clothes fit you.  It’s just not classy to hang with the fam in spandex.

Remember to smile, and take things in stride.  While for many people, being with family can be challenging at times, just smile, find the humor in the situation, and deal with what emerges.  You have the power to choose your emotions, so choose to be happy!  It’s a holiday!

Finally, treat your body well!  Keep in mind that you will have to deal with the consequences tomorrow if you eat too much candy or fatty foods.  Just make sure you take long walk, run around with the kids or the dog, dance around – just remember to be active as well!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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