Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

For any holiday, I usually post something about remembering the true meaning of the day.  Typically, that boils down to family and making time for what’s important.  Of course that’s true for Independence Day as well, and there’s more to it than just that.


Independence Day is about the United States declaring independence from Great Britain.  We stated that we were no longer a colony, governed from afar.  We took charge of our country and we took responsibility for its governance.  And that’s what I’d like to talk about today.


we have a chance to look at Independence Day on a personal level.  While many of us rely on someone else for many things, we can do things on our own as well.  The idea is to remember that you have the power to strike out on your own.  You don’t need someone else to help you, even though that help can be useful and feel nice.

The key is that each one of us is independent.  We each have the ability to govern ourselves – our emotions, our self-talk, our actions, and we each have the opportunity to take responsibility for ourselves.  And when you do, you will find it may hurt at first.  When you take responsibility, you can no longer blame someone else for your own stuff.  And when you accept this, and accept and forgive yourself, you can really begin to feel your true power.

Declare independence today.

Recall your power to you and feel it once again.  You can be sovereign over your thoughts and you can determine your actions. You have the power.

Love, CarolAnn

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