Jennifer Lopez: “Mothers Need To Take Care Of Themselves”

Even JLo takes time off from her kids, her career, and her busy life to pamper herself.  She suggests going shoe shopping, getting a facial, or joining a class to moms who are overworked and tired.

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“I ask myself, ‘What would make me the best me to my kids?’ And that’s being a happy, healthy individual who has a sense of fulfillment and can give them everything they need.”  See more of what she says here.

This is such a healthy way to look at things.  Way too often, women (especially moms) get in the habit of putting everyone ahead of themselves.  They end up worn out, desheveled, and often times, falling apart at the seams.

It’s important to keep in mind that you are a role model for the children in your life.  They look up to you and they mimic your behavior.  So if you’re frazzled, they’re frazzled.  If you’re showing them that you don’t value yourself and you don’t have balance in your life, they may not value you either, or they may end up unbalanced in their future.

Set an awesome example for your children by putting them first AND by giving some love and care to yourself as well.  You can even find ways to get in a work out and play with the kids at the same time – like doing push-ups over your baby, and blowing raspberries on his belly every time you get to the bottom of your motion.

Have the confidence to think outside the box and to take some time for you.  You’ll be a better wife, woman, and mom.


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