Keep Your Self-Esteem As The Years Go By…

Lately, studies have shown that self-esteem tends to decline as the years go by.  I’ve looked at the research a bit to see what’s up.

The research indicates that self-esteem peaks in middle age and then drops after retirement.  The idea behind this is that middle age seems to be when people are at their primes- they have an established career, and financial stability, as well as stable and predictable close relationships.

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Before that time, people are finding themselves and, in youth, are often uncertain of the future.  Beyond middle age, as people begin to retire, the loss of independence and the daily job can take a toll of a person’s feeling of value in society.
On average, women had lower self-esteem than did men through out most of adulthood, and people with satisfying and supportive relationships tend to have higher self-esteem.

So, in order to increase you self-esteem now, put a bit more effort and thought in to your relationships.  Create more rewarding relationships around you by improving the ones you have and making new connections.  In order to maintain your self-esteem as you age, put more effort now into your carreer and your health.  That way, you’ll have such a rewarding life that your self esteem will keep going as you age.

Self-esteem is really important to absolutely everyone.  It’s the corner stone of mental health, and can be the difference between giving up and conquering any obstacle that may stand in your way.

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