Leaders and Creating Confidence

Hi everyone.  I’m a bit late on the timing of this post, and reading it will be worth your while.  I was searching the web on Martin Luther King day and came across this article about some of his less known speeches.  What can we learn from Martin Luther King, Jr. about creating confidence in himself and his followers?  A lot.

He is a great example of how charisma and confidence can impact both your world and the world around you.  Can you picture yourself being confident enough to stand and oppose violence with non-violence?  Can you see how your charisma is rallying others and creating confidence in them?  Granted, this is an extreme example, and as one of my mentors says, “It’s better to shoot for the stars and hit and eagle than to shoot for an eagle and hit the ground.”

There are many things we can learn from Dr. King and please understand that I’m focusing on this because you’re here to learn about confidence and charisma.  We don’t all need to rally a nation.  Won’t it be amazing when we know we could?

You are awesome.  Have a fantastic day and remember to leave a comment and sign up for our newsletter for even more information on creating confidence in you!

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