Living in the Now

My mentor likes to say that living in the past is only regret, and living in the future is only worry.  And yet so many people focus their energies on a time that is not the now.  The present is named that for a reason – it’s a gift, and can be used for any number of wonderful things.  And if you’re caught up in a different time, you can’t use the now to its best advantage.

The cure?  Live in the now. Focus on what you can do right now to improve your life.


It’s great to plan for the future, and it’s awesome to learn from your past.

Use both of them to affect chance in your present and gain self help confidence.


Remember that time you screwed up, when you should have done something different?  First, forgive yourself.  As long as you’ve learned something, there was a purpose behind that event.  Secondly, ask yourself what change can you make right now to do better in the future?

You know your wonderful dreams and aspirations, and the fears and anxiety of all the “what ifs” in the future?  Take a deep breath.  The future will be what it will be, and worrying only hurts you.  After all, if you spend all your energy on problems that haven’t even occurred, you’ll have none left to do something productive, or conquer the challenge of the day.  The only way to change your future is to take action today.  Take at least one small step towards your most tantalizing dream each day, and you will get closer to the finish line with each step!

Finally, really take stock of the now and enjoy yourself.  Be grateful for the beauty and joy around you.  Go out of your way to look for it and appreciate it.  Smile much more, experience love and joy and friendship.  Get out of your head and into your life!  Live, feel with all your senses, and remember, you have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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