What moving slowly says to others

Move slowly when you’re at your destination.

This is advice from one of my mentors.   But why?  What could moving around a room slowly do to boost people’s perception of you?

It does a couple things.  Walking slowly once you’re in the room suggests that you want to be there, and that you’re really present in the moment.  It shows that you’re deliberate and calm.  It allows others to trust that you’re stable and competent.

Moving slowly is an excellent confidence technique.

It’s also a great way to practice really being where you are, mentally, and proving to yourself that you can make and keep resolutions and change your behavior.  Slowing down allows you to be attentive to your surroundings.  You’ll better be able to notice what’s going on and interact with the people around you.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should pretend you’re walking through quicksand every time you arrive at your destination.  It’s simply about practicing taking your time and putting your energy into what’s really important to you.  Remember, you have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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