Not choosing is still choosing

Power Quick Tip:

Remember that not choosing one thing is choosing something else by default.  By not choosing any change, you choose the status quo.

Sometimes when a decision or project is in front of you, you may feel paralyzed.  You may feel like it’s just too overwhelming to think about it, and that it would be best to just let it ride and think about it later.  So you put it the decision or project to the side for a while.

Why?  Because this is something big.  It’s important.  It’s a little scary.

Wanting to back away from something like that is understandable, and it does not serve you.  When you avoid making a decision, you’re actually still making a decision.  You’re deciding to avoid it, and you may end up forcing yourself to make a decision you don’t like simply because it was the only possibility left at that late hour.

Always think in the positive – about what you are doing, rather than about what you aren’t.  This will help keep you focused on the thing you are choosing.  Life is really a series of choices.  You want to make the best of them.  Remember, you have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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