Outerwear: the Trench

my trenchAs the seasons change, we put on different clothing to protect us from the elements.  Outerwear can take many shapes and styles and can be created with many fabrics.  One of  my favorite looks is the trench coat.  It keeps you warm and dry and is ideal for spring and fall, especially on overcast or rainy days.

A major plus with the trench coat is that it is super flexible!  Wear it closed for a chic, cinched look, or wear it open or closed only by the tie, perhaps with the sleeves rolled up over a fabulous skirt and heels and a lovely top for a more flow-y, open, evening look.  Another example of the trench coat’s versatility is that it comes in so many cool fabrics and colors!  I love them in zebra print, red, black, and the classic tan.  Trenches can also have some really awesome feminine touches to prevent that too-buttoned-up look, for example, my trench has a really sweet pleating detail in the back.

Things to look for in a trench coat: pleasing fabric, great color or print, cool details: nice hardware, flirty details like my pleating.

Every Day Hero: Michal Mael

Michal MaelMichal loves clothing that shows her figure.  She has a beautiful figure, so more power to her!  This beautiful trench in black is a wonderful choice for her.  The belt accentuates her waist.  The shorter length allows her to show her lovely trousers and a long leg line.  The wide lapels bring (more) attention to her beautiful face, and the deep V neck accentuates her great height.

Michal is also wearing some sky-high heels, which are truly awesome!  I love to see a woman really embrace some height!  Let me tell you, Michal is not a short woman, and with these heels, she rules the world!

The lovely yellow blouse that’s peaking from the jacket is a really beautiful color on her, and is played up by the striking comment-piece necklace.  This jewelery is particularly wonderful because it picks up the color of the shirt, fills the space of the deep neck line, and brings some sparkle to a basic outfit.

It should also be noted that Michal accessorized her outfit with a black bag that had a ton of really beautiful sheen.  Awesome!

All in all, Michal looks really beautiful in this outfit!  She did a great job looking pulled-together, sophisticated and chic!

In order to find out more about Michal and her business:
Visit her bio on RockOurWorld
and her GalleryDirect website.

Wear the trench, love it, rock it like a superstar, because that’s what you are!  Stay Beautiful!


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