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Come on, get classy!

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question:  I’m ready to change my look.  How do I give a classier impression with my hair, make-up, clothing and speech without seeming common or boring? The first and most important part of being classy (and creating confidence and a great personal style) isContinue Reading

Not choosing is still choosing

Power Quick Tip: Remember that not choosing one thing is choosing something else by default.  By not choosing any change, you choose the status quo. Sometimes when a decision or project is in front of you, you may feel paralyzed.  You may feel like it’s just too overwhelming to think about it, and that itContinue Reading

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! For any holiday, I usually post something about remembering the true meaning of the day.  Typically, that boils down to family and making time for what’s important.  Of course that’s true for Independence Day as well, and there’s more to it than just that. Historically, Independence Day is about the United States declaring independenceContinue Reading

What moving slowly says to others

Move slowly when you’re at your destination. This is advice from one of my mentors.   But why?  What could moving around a room slowly do to boost people’s perception of you? It does a couple things.  Walking slowly once you’re in the room suggests that you want to be there, and that you’re reallyContinue Reading

The truth about heels

Okay, I’m no doctor.  I don’t know really what wearing heels does over time.  And in my eyes, there’s nothing wrong with a towering heel every now and again, especially if you can take them off while you’re at your desk, or just save the crazy ones for evening. A great pair of shoes canContinue Reading

Seek Inspiration and it will find you

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Do you seek inspiration? Do you feel inspired?  When was the last time you really did? Inspiration is key to success because it helps keep us motivated and on track towards our dreams.  It also helps us come out of our shells and interactContinue Reading

Does the internet know my bra size?

An excerpt from last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it… Question:  How accurate is calculating my bra size on the internet? The best way to find out what size you are is to try on bras.  Measuring at home like this can give you an idea, and the best way to figure this outContinue Reading

I am…

(Via Debra Thain‘s FB) “I am”, are the two most powerful words in our vocabulary. What ever words you place after those two words create your reality. So…. “I am a beautiful child of God.” “I am powerful, and strong.” “I am a creative, intelligent, loving gift to the universe.”, ” I am happy, joyous andContinue Reading

The Formula for the Perfect Compliment

A perfect compliment is personal, sincere, “accidental,” simple and big. To enhance your executive charisma and compliment someone in this same powerful way, build as many of these five attributes as you can into your comment.Continue Reading

Happy Easter 2012

Happy Easter! Happy Easter from  We wish you a wonderful holiday full of smiling children, warm hugs from family, and all the joy that comes with the knowledge that spring is here! Love, CarolAnn

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