Perfectly Imperfect


You are perfect.

Are you not sure about that? Does that statement fit your life? Ways of thinking can be like new trends when you first check them out – a little awkward at first, perhaps, and then it either works, or not.

Try this on for size: I am perfect.

Allow that to soak in.  Remember, you don’t have to have a model’s face and the career of your dreams while creating a family of saints.  When you are in the process of creating confidence, you are perfect.

In this spirit, here I am, au natural, and yes, blogging from bed. 

Here I am, perfectly imperfect. Enjoy! :)


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  2. scott white says:

    nice site. and the fact that i like confident and positive people made me like it even more. have a great day and remember to keep on keeping on.

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