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10 Simple Steps:

Exactly how to Create Instant Confidence and Transform Your Life


  • Build the skills you need to create a successful and happy life with the specialized tools and confidence exercises in this powerful report.
  • Save time while you create a deep transformation with these 10 easy-to-follow, straight-forward tips.

Confident Closet:

A guide to every woman’s wardrobe must-haves:


  • Get rid of that “nothing to wear” anxiety you get when you stand in front of your closet. Go beyond the little black dress and create a useful and fun wardrobe full of clothing essentials that you LOVE.
  • Stop wasting your hard-earned money buying the wrong clothes. Learn what to buy for creating confidence – and you’ll always look and feel great.

Self Esteem SecretsArticle Reader:

The best-kept secrets to creating super confidence


  • Save yourself the time and effort of searching the internet to find the best confidence and self-esteem information. We have compiled the most powerful articles from some of the best confidence experts from around the world for you!
  • Find the things that will help you the most to become a happier, more confident person with our clear and concise TA’s notes accompanying each section.

Color Your World:

A color guide to clothing, make up and the brain:


  • Create executive charisma, gain confidence in your clothing, close that business deal, and create an irresistibly attractive image with the most comprehensive guide to color available. This report will teach you the best colors for your skin, your purpose, and the occasion.
  • Look great forever with the knowledge of how to shop for colors and what to look for.

Charisma Coaching: Phone Consultation

Get the personal attention and individualized support you need to create a profound transformation in your life.  Just enter your name and e-mail below and we will contact you with more information.


Supreme Self-Confidence Package:


  • INCLUDES: 4 powerful confidence-builders10 Simple StepsConfident Closet 

    Self Esteem SecretsColor Your World

  • Gain true understanding and permanent mastery of many powerful confidence techniques with these 4 PDF reports which total over 100 transformational pages.
  • Save time and effort with the logical, easy-reading sections and confidence builders.
  • Use color, your mind, your clothing, and your body to create a happy, joyful and successful life… and learn to love your life and yourself.



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