What to say at a job or client interview

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A job or client interview is one of the most important types of moment in your career.

When you’re meeting with someone and you want them to hire you or your company, it’s essential to speak in a positive and enthusiastic way.  After all, if you’re not enthusiastic the meeting, how can they be?

These three things will allow you to

speak with supreme self confidence. 

First of all, acknowledge what they have done.  They’ve taken their valuable time to meet with you.  Thank them and let them know that you appreciate it.

Secondly, be honest and positive.  No, these are not opposites.  Give them the truth in a positive light.  So if you’ve had challenges in the past, focus on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown.

Third, be interested, not interesting.  Come prepared with questions about the other person or company.  Be specific about what you like about what they do, and ask more about it.

Talk with supreme self confidence and your meeting will be a breeze.  Remember to smile, and good luck!  You have the power!

Love, CarolAnn

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