Simplify Your Style

Give your style a focus!

Sometimes being stylish can be overwhelming.  Here’s a virtually fool-proof  way to ramp up the style with a few bold pieces!

You have regular, plain-old pieces like your favorite jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  Dress these regular weekend-morning pieces up for a evening get-together with a few statement pieces, a piece of bold jewelery, and a beautiful fresh face!

Everyday Hero

This is exactly what Misun Kim is doing in this picture.

MisunMisun is using her everyday jeans and grey tee with some really stylish pieces and fun jewelery to create a fun and fashionable evening outfit.

Misun’s biggest statement in this outfit is her jacket.  The wool texture, faux fur trim and military-inspired buttons are very season-appropriate and totally chic!  Plus, the styling and seaming of the jacket emphasize Misun’s beautiful figure!

Her sky-high peep toe heels pick up the color of the jacket and add a very cool snakeskin texture.

Misun is also using some lovely fashion jewelery, with a bold and funky silver necklace, and sweet earrings.  These touches add a lovely sheen and sparkle to the look!

Misun has opted for a classy fresh-faced makeup look.  She’s using bronzes and pinks to complement her beautiful skin and cheekbones.  Her pulled-back back hair is no-fuss, and her dramatic bangs bring even more attention to her lovely bone structure.

Misun Kim is the ultimate Everyday Fashion Hero.  She always looks great, regardless of where she’s going.  Why?  Because she understands that to build a fashionable outfit, every piece need not be the focus.  She chooses one focus and then frames that piece with well-fitting basics.  Understand this fact, and fashionable clothing will be a breeze!

Have fun with your style!  You deserve to look like a superstar!


PS.  If you’d like to be an every day fashion hero, or check out the competition, follow me on DailyBooth.  Just post your pics, and maybe I’ll feature you on the next blog post!

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