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Video: The Power of Words

Check out this beautiful video that shows just how powerful words can be.

The woman’s words get at something extremely important – emotion.

In sales, marketing, relationship building or creating confidence, tapping in to emotion is the essential part.

Remember that everyone has feelings, and people react to emotional messages like this. Use this knowledge for good.


What I’m Wearing: Evening Networking Event

Business-Casual evening fun networking/educational event style… Sometimes it can be a challenge to find an outfit that is professional, beautiful, fun, and casual.  How did I do?? The Occasion: Wilmington Ignite – a networking and educational event designed to bring the community leaders together to improve the area and socialize. What I’m Wearing: Purple CamiContinue Reading

Charismatic Business

Hey All! I’ve uploaded some new content for you! If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or if you’re interested in improving your financial life, check out Charismatic Business! It’s a collection – in progress – of business resources I found to be AWESOME.  This is for only the best, most valuable information out there.  YouContinue Reading

Chic Professional Wear & Everyday Hero

It’s a challenge at times to find an outfit that is flattering, feminine, professional, and appropriate for the occasion. My good friend Andréa, as a marketing and advertising professional, knows that image is crucial, and she knows how to build that professional, feminine image.  That’s why she’s an Everyday Hero here on CharismaU. These threeContinue Reading

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