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Outerwear: the Trench

my trenchAs the seasons change, we put on different clothing to protect us from the elements.  Outerwear can take many shapes and styles and can be created with many fabrics.  One of  my favorite looks is the trench coat.  It keeps you warm and dry and is ideal for spring and fall, especially on overcast or rainy days.

A major plus with the trench coat is that it is super flexible!  Wear it closed for a chic, cinched look, or wear it open or closed only by the tie, perhaps with the sleeves rolled up over a fabulous skirt and heels and a lovely top for a more flow-y, open, evening look.  Another example of the trench coat’s versatility is that it comes in so many cool fabrics and colors!  I love them in zebra print, red, black, and the classic tan.  Trenches can also have some really awesome feminine touches to prevent that too-buttoned-up look, for example, my trench has a really sweet pleating detail in the back.

Things to look for in a trench coat: pleasing fabric, great color or print, cool details: nice hardware, flirty details like my pleating.

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Simplify Your Style

Give your style a focus! Sometimes being stylish can be overwhelming.  Here’s a virtually fool-proof  way to ramp up the style with a few bold pieces! You have regular, plain-old pieces like your favorite jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  Dress these regular weekend-morning pieces up for a evening get-together with a few statement pieces, aContinue Reading

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