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Underclothes are essential because without a great foundation, clothes cannot look their best.  It’s ridiculously common that women are not in the correct bra size.  The concept of a bra size in the first place is misleading, as different brands and styles run so different.  ALWAYS try on your bras before you buy them and NEVER allow an ill-fitting bra to discourage you.  It’s not your breasts that are the challenge, it’s the bra!  Switch stores, switch styles, switch sizes!  The number and letter don’t mean anything; it’s the fit that counts!

Getting the perfect fit on a bra is tough, I know.  The first step is to know what a perfect fit looks like.  You might be surprised to know that some sources you might take as authorities have it wrong.  Take for example, Victoria’s Secret (VS).  I have stopped shopping for bras within the brand because I find the sizing to be incongruous with reality.  Larger-chested women simply do not fit easily into VS bras.  It is, however, a wonderful place for those with more petite and average-sized breasts to shop.  Up to a C cup can be comfortably fitted, either into a VS C or a VS D.

I find that whenever I look on the Victoria’s Secret website or in their catalog, I see a model in a bra that is ridiculously ill-fitting.  This strikes me most commonly with the beautiful Adriana Lima.  She is often shown in bras that have cups that are too small for her and band sizes that are too big.  They show her with one cup size too small, probably because more breast shows and it’s sexy looking.  The challenge there is that some may start to believe that that’s what a bra is supposed to fit like.  It’s not.  A bra fitting like that will not hold you in for very long at all!  I personally fall right out of a bra if it’s covering that little of my breast every time I bend over, lean, or move at all, really. Also, when you’re wearing a cup size too small, even when your breast is mostly contained, it may spill out the sides or the top of the cup, creating the dreaded double- or quad-boob look.

The more interesting thing is that they more often picture her with a bra that is too big on the band size, the part that goes around your chest.  I have no idea what the motivation is for putting her in bras that are too big in this way. In real life, a bra that fits like this will constantly ride up your back and create a situation in which all of the support of the bra is coming from the straps.  In a well-fit bra, the majority of the support comes from the nice, wide band.  When you have too much pressure on the shoulder straps, you end up with pain in your back, neck and shoulders, you may have a higher propensity to slouch, and just not the perky, happy breasts that you deserve.

A cup should fit you so that your breast feels secure in the bra.  If the cup is cutting your breast off, or not flowing with the curve of your breast, the size is not right.  If there is extra room or gapping in the cup, it’s too big.  Look at the bottom two pictures of Adriana.  These are examples of the scary situation in which your nipple is about to pop out of your bra.  This is to be avoided.

The band should fit you STRAIGHT across the your back.  It should be parallel to the ground.  It should never be higher up in the back than it is in the front.  Look at yourself in the mirror from the side to check.  Also, the band should not pinch your skin.  If you are experiencing skin sort of spilling out of the edges of your band, you should look for a wider band first.  If that doesn’t solve the problem, look for a size up. Also, ALWAYS buy your bras so that you wear the band on the loosest hooks.  That way, when the band stretches, you just need to tighten it, and you don’t need to buy new bras every month when the elastic stretches.

Remember: if the bra doesn’t fit right, that’s because of the bra, not because of you!  It takes time to find the proper size and the proper brand.  Brands DO NOT size the same way.  Even within a brand, styles are not sized the same way.  For example, f you’re normally a C you may be a D in a push-up style.  The point is, try on lots of bras, don’t allow an ill-fitting bra to hurt or frustrate you, and have fun with it!  Bras are for YOU.  Buy some sexy things, some things that make you feel like you own the world.  Trust me, a bra that fits is the best for that!

Every Day Heroes

I recently went out bra shopping with two of my best friends, Emily and Gabby.  Emily has large breasts and a small rib cage.  Gabby has a medium, athletic build.  When we started, Emily told me that she was having trouble being able to just go out and buy bras in stores.  Because of her small rib cage and large breasts, there is not a ton of inventory in most stores in her size.  For example, Victoria’s Secret really doesn’t carry anything close to her size (or mine, really).  So, we went to Frederick’s of Hollywood, where I had bought a bra years ago that fit me then and still fits me now (a true testimate to a well-made bra, especially since it is front-clasp and thus the band is not adjustable).  We got her several bras there that fit her beautifully, and really suited her.  She looked great!!  When you find the right store, it’s liberating.  I find that trying on bras is essential to finding the right one for you.  We did an awesome job going there and getting that super sexy style of bra for her, because it turned out really awesome!

Next, we went to Victoria’s Secret for Gabby.  She likes VS because they make lots of pretty and sexy bras in her size.  Frederick’s was not an appropriate store for her, so we went to one that was more geared to fitting her shape.  We found some lovely bras to try on, and got down to business.  When she showed us the first bra, I knew we needed to change the band size.  The band was riding up her back like crazy!  Luckily, we found the right size, made the adjustment in her mind that she’s actually smaller around the ribcage than she thought, and made some really beautiful purchases.  A bra that fits you well is the sexiest bra you can wear!

Way to go to both of these women for having the guts to treat themselves and their bodies right.  Once you have a well-fitting bra, you look and feel like a superstar.  You guys are super stars.  Live like it!!  Stay Beautiful!


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