The truth about heels

Okay, I’m no doctor.  I don’t know really what wearing heels does over time.  And in my eyes, there’s nothing wrong with a towering heel every now and again, especially if you can take them off while you’re at your desk, or just save the crazy ones for evening.

A great pair of shoes can be one of the most powerful confidence builders around.

Now there are plenty of people who view wearing heels as torturous, unnecessary pain.  And hey, when you’re happy where you are, why mess with it?  And if you’re someone who loves the look of heels and just hasn’t found the right pair, you’re in the right place.

Here is a powerful truth about shoes:

Quality matters.

I know.  That means the cheap-y shoes are not as good.  Usually.  And think of it this way: you’re making an investment in your feet, your back, your hips… and aren’t you worth it?  (Hint: You are!)  So go quality and be persistent.  Just like when you’re buying jeans, the perfect pair may not just jump into your arms.  You may have to do a bit of searching.

So have fun with your footwear!  Remember it’s removable.  When you buy a new pair, take them for a short test drive at first, out to the supermarket or coffee date.  If they’re no good after that, you know not to go for that again.  And one day you’ll find the perfect shoes: comfortable, practical, and they make you feel incredible.  Remember, you’re worth it!

Love, CarolAnn

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