Under eating

An excerpt from this week’s newsletter, in case you missed it…

Question: I’ve been under eating for years.  I know what I’m doing is unhealthy, but I just see myself as a fat pig.  What do I do?

If you’re doing harm to your body, get help now.  Find a professional – a doctor and a therapist – to help you through this.

Your main challenge is that you’re focusing on things you don’t like about your body, instead of things you do like.  Healthy things.

For creating confidence, focus on being healthy

…for how you’ll feel, not for your looks, and not for anyone else.  Give yourself a break and appreciate the great things you have going on in your life, and the things that make you special and wonderful.

You know something is wrong and you know what you’ve been doing is hurting you. You know the right course of action.  It’s time to respect your body and yourself enough to treat it right and get healthy.  Remember that you’re worth it, and you are loved.

Love, CarolAnn

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