What I’m Wearing: Coffee House Business Meeting

Business-business casual-casual…

The Occasion: Casual meeting with a business contact.  Catching up, talking about what we’re doing, discussing possibilities for working together.

This was a little challenging because it was warm outside, cold inside, I wanted to look professional and also relaxed.

What I wore:

Patterned Pencil Skirt from Express
Embellished plum tank from a while ago – possibly a gift?
Suit jacket – Tahari from Macy’s
Bracelets – gifts
Shoes – payless – from YEARS ago.

Side Note: Can I just say that I’m a big fan of Payless Shoes?  It’s not the place to go for great materials, and the quality has really treated me very well.  A lot of my shoes come from there, and they really do last for years and years.

I have one pair of black sneakers that I bought back in high school.  A friend of mine had a pair that were just about identical – but designer.  Hers fell apart within a year.  Mine are still truckin’, even after some SERIOUS wear – every day, dancing, everything.

Also, one of my shoes got run over by a car once, and the heel broke.  We brought it back and they replaced it.  Apparently, they’re supposed to stay solid, even if you run them over.  Awesome, ridiculous, amazing.  Just goes to show what value is all about.

What I’m Loving:

The textures, the mixing of patterns, the color palate, the awesome shapes of pencil skirt and fitted jacket, painted toenails

What  I’m Not Loving:

The shoes with the outfit – maybe I wanted pumps or bigger heels or something, my lack of a cool bracelet to go with this outfit, make-up looked better in person.

What would you have done differently?  What do you dig about this outfit?


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