Are negative attitudes preventing you from becoming powerful and successful?

  1. Are you hesitant, indecisive or fickle?
  2. Are you shy, timid or fearful?
  3. Are you pessimistic, distrustful or cynical?

Sweep away that negative mindset and breathe fresh air at CharismaU. We help women build self confidence one step at a time, overcoming limiting beliefs. Once enabled, you will achieve more than you have ever dreamed possible. Imagine turning your life around. Read on and discover what CharismaU can do for you and how you can achieve the success that’s been eluding you! Best of all its absolutely FREE! Step out of the shadows with confidence and your dreams will become reality! Do you know that your main obstacle to power and success lies in you? It’s not about the challenges you face from the outside world. It’s about the challenges from inside you. Take a look at the brief checklist below and answer them truthfully.

  1. Do you find yourself hesitating when making even the smallest decision, like what to wear to work?
  2. Do you shy away from meeting new people or undertaking new and more important challenges in your life?
  3. Do you answer in the negative or second-guess yourself when asked if you’re capable of doing something?

Think carefully. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then YOU are blocking your personal progress. At CharismaU, we teach you to drive out these demons so you develop charm, style, personality, and confidence, FREE OF CHARGE! Hold Power and Success in your hands, with confidence training at CharismaU! That’s right; our FREE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM gives you:

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Become the person you know is inside you, and improve your charm and presence week by week. Interact with the CharismaU coaches who will bring out what is inside you and develop the strategies to get ahead in your relationships, your business and your life.

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Improve through positive interaction – the weekly message from our top Confidence Coach and Style Guru CarolAnn Edie, M.A. will show you the “power of positivity” and thinking big. CarolAnn’s messages will provide helpful tips so you develop your grace, and passionate exuberance. The result? You are more attractive and your relationships improve. your mindset.


Find answers to your most vital questions here. You have support at CharismaU. Our Coaches and students have a wealth of experience with answers specifically tailored to help you break through the emotional glass ceiling.

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Confidence training teaches you how to develop the look, style, and approach to every week. We want to teach you to attract the best kind of attention, to create and project a positive, nurturing mindset and to dress for success in any situation.

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Find out what the future holds. Keep abreast of future events such as teleseminars, live events and special offers. Simply become a member at CharismaU, and these powerful tools are yours.


Build your presence - the four weekly tips provide easy steps to take to boost the vibrancy and attractiveness of your personality. Use them to make small changes weekly to become personable, graceful, successful, and powerful.
Find confidence by looking your best keep these fashion tips in mind when dressing for an important occasion, when shopping, or when you need a confidence boost. Learn how to flatter your body and dress appropriately and powerfully for any occasion.
Project a friendlier, open persona - improve yourself esteem week by week. Implement our tips in the newsletter. Learn to project the friendliness and openness that you feel inside to the outside world.
Be happy, joyful, exuberant - gain control over your emotions and your actions by shifting your mindset. Cut the critical aspect that has been holding you back and allow the world to provide you with all the tools for success.
Just type in your e-mail address and all this and more can be yours. We won’t ask for your credit card because ALL of this is TRULY FREE!




Talking about power and success seems easy, but what does it really mean when to use these two strong words? Success and power are two words that can define a person’s life.

Success means achieving your true potential, and power is all about the ability to take charge of your life. Whether in your personal relationships, in your career or in your business, power and success are associated with living a healthier, happier and more satisfying life.

Now, you want to experience all that life has to offer, don’t you. CharismaU says YES, YOU CAN! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and enjoy all that we have to offer through our FREE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM.

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At CharismaU, we are eagerly awaiting your presence in our community. We want you to develop your magnetic personality NOW.





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